About Milena

Milena is a certified Intuitive Coach, Marisa Peer trained certified RTT Practitioner, author, speaker and teacher.  

Following the death of her 3-year old daughter, Nela, Milena has dedicated the last 8 years to researching life after death, mediumship, intuition and psychology – including archetypal psychology. Her focus has been on demystifying and breaking down the taboo of death in general and the death of children in particular. 

An important part of her work is combining the powerful tools gained from the human material plane with the depth and wisdom of spiritual

methods and connections. In her work as a Grief Coach she guides and helps her 1:1 clients to rebuild their lives and find a way back to joy and happiness.

As a teacher

Milena teaches in most practical, grounded and effective way how to release the pain, transform grief and connect with your beloved ones who has passed on in a new totally different level.

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Milena’s mission

in life is to demystify communication with loved ones who have passed on and merge both the material and the spiritual world together in order to heal the pain and deep grief. She wants to show that this way of communicating and healing is easy, completely normal and absolutely beautiful. Her aim is to simplify and normalise the grieving process.

Milena is especially passionate about mothers who feel they have no right to heal following the loss of a child. Milena feels that mothers are punished twice. Firstly, for losing a child and the ensuing deep grief. Secondly, by the commonly held belief that it is impossible for a mother to heal from the death of a child, indeed by it almost being forbidden to continue a life where joy, pleasure and gratitude are a natural part of life.

“Mummy, you will be the best mum ever, if you allow yourself to heal.”

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